If your G8x, G9x or newer SGRE turbines are susceptible to clouds, snow, dust or other weather conditions with random phantom electrical faults, then you would like to know more about the SLPS from AP Renewables.

An air gap in the OEM Lightning Protection System leaves these turbines open to lightning and static attacks, manifesting as Alarms 410, 426, 2106, 2118, and 700.

Without a continuous path to ground, lightning and static compromise turbine components and performance as high-voltage spikes arc across the gap. AP Renewables’ SLPS bridges this gap with an economical, highly  durable, consumable part that requires no modification to the existing OEM Lightning Protection System.

The SLPS is proven to increase availability by 1.3% on average in susceptible turbines by making up lost downtime, not to mention the benefits of reduced overall structural and electrical stress by simply grounding the asset.

Storm Related Alarms

Eliminate alarms 2106 and 2118 etc needing local reset that comes from lockup of the control system due to static buildup.

Reduce PLC Damage

Poor grounding contributes to electrical damage to PLC modules costing parts and downtime.

Meet IRC 61400-24 & NFPA-780

SLPS is tested to meet wind turbine and general building code lightning safety standards.

Easy to install

30 minute installation of the SLPS makes it one of the easiest blade protection upgrades on the markets

SLPS helps production by reducing downtime in high winds, SLPS reduces costs by eliminating the need for local resets and SLPS improves the survivability of your blades in case of a direct lightning strike.

The impact of lightning disturbance in the turbine electronics is very random. However these alarms are a common symptoms

  • Alarm 2118 Interbus Fault
  • Alarm 2106 Temperature Module Fault
  • Alarm 700 Converter Communication Fault
  • Alarm 410 OGS OverSpeed System Fault
  • Alarm 426 Rotor sensor Fault
  • Alarms 800 and 804 Pitch related faults

But the comprehensive list is nearly every alarm. Because the faulty design in the grounding allows the static to attack the PLC.

We have options to complete the installations for the customer. And we also have options to train your technicians.

We have designed this product from ground-up to be extremely easy to install.

We recommend training the Preventive Maintenance crew and install it during your P.M., it takes 30 minutes.

Yes, we have 5 years results from different turbines in different climates that we could share if needed.

SLPS was designed to meet the highest of both wind turbine standards (i.e. IEC-61400) and general building fire codes (i.e. NFPA and UL) because in certain jurisdictions.