We have been helping renewable asset owners with improving the operation and performance of their assets since 2017, and ever since we have found many good solutions to small and large problems. Our position as an independent service provider and our agnostic relationship with the equipment from different OEMs have enabled us to provide optimal solutions that get the best out of all your equipment.

From post-operation grid compliance and forecast management, to EPC warranty claims,we bring the right expertise on your behalf, back it up with good data and solid science to make sure your ROI is protected.

Our pricing models are generally laid out to encourage us to be efficient and reach an agreement as fast as possible because that’s best for you and us.

We have experience with wind, solar and hydro as well as Balance of Plants.

Each project has its own intricacies, so it’s best to hear from you and discuss whether we could help.

From our experience answering many questions related to asset management, we found that the majority of the cost was related to getting quality data, rather than, applying the science and math to answer the question. 

We made SCADAScope as a system that reliably gathers the data we would need to answer an owner’s questions. It is already a very useful tool for this, and we are constantly improving it.

Yes, we can get the appropriate data, do the right analyses and compile a report to help you stake your claim.

Grid Support & Compliance

Grid support requirements often present opportunities to further monetize the capabilities of your equipment. When it comes to the grid operator (often abbreviated as the ISO, the Independent System Operator) our experience proves that collaboration is the best way forward and always pays off. The nature of the relationship between the renewable facility (the generator) and the grid is fundamentally of a collaborative nature and one where both parties can win.

We have helped clients in many jurisdictions across the Americas (e.g.  ERCOT, MISO, Ontario IESO, CENACE, ICE, HEE, etc.) with fixed PPAs (power purchase agreement) and merchant arrangements to resolve issues and not only gain their trust but also increase revenue. 

As renewables rapidly form a larger portion of the grid, and new requirements and enforcements come into play like voltage and frequency control and grid support, there is opportunity for added income. Equally, sometimes older plants find themselves in challenging positions with capabilities that did not exist or were supposedly part of the design but were never properly commissioned and tested.  

We work with you to find the ways to monetize the Ancillary services market, grid support tariffs, and other programs. We can help you implement any required updates and upgrades to your system to make sure we, together, take it all the way to risk elimination and revenue generation.

Ancillary services and or other paid grid support functions are new ways you can monetize the capabilities of your investment, and we work with you to unlock it. 

Not running afoul of the entity that delivers your product ( the energy your plant produced) to its market is a  safe investment. Fines or being pushed offline are common ways profit is lost.

Often yes, and we specialize in finding creative and reliable ways to bring new revenue streams online for you. 

Very often,components other than the main generating assets, could step in to provide some of these services and help you improve the return on your investment.

We offer solutions that involve less costly upgrades by finding the optimal components in the plants to update or reconfigure. We also like to keep the changes at the minimum to reduce cost and minimize complexity. 

Turbine and inverter OEMs have been resorting to value pricing or, in the worst case, “go away pricing” for projects that they do not like. But we can provide similar outcomes, faster and cheaper.

Forensics & Root Causes

We can work with you to fix chronic part consumption and address major events. By getting to the root cause of a problem with our investigations, you can address issues that are draining profit away from your operation.

Yes. That lines up with our mission of reducing the cost of renewables very well.

We look at the bigger picture, take a holistic approach and make sure we find the root cause that drives the failures. 

Manufacturer quality, weak designs, and improper use or quality issues in the field all could contribute and we have a toolbox of methodologies to find the contributing factors.

Yes, our team has investigated fires leading to complete loss of assets as well as major damages that were more limited in scope.

Yes. We believe that while a small number of component failures is just a fact of life, runaway fires that cause substantial secondary damages are not normal and should be eliminated. 

Fires in electrical equipment are not just loss of property, and revenue but also risk to people and often release toxic fumes and leave toxic residues that could impose health and safety risks as well as substantial costs for clean up. Therefore, our team will help you get to the bottom of it.

We have found many occasions where the most dominant root cause, or alternatively, the best solution is better processes and training. 

People taking charge of the problem is a classic solution to some expensive design defects and quality issues. 

We have used our customized training solutions to address topical gaps and to make sure the value is derived.

Reports & Dashboard

Our vision is to provide answers to questions your operation and management have. We have extensive experience designing dashboards and reports that address your daily, monthly or yearly needs. 

Let us help you automate your reporting and monitoring tools so you can focus on decision making, not data downloading.

Better data at a lower cost enables better decisions in the long term. 

Reducing the structure cost of reporting frees support staff for more value generation.

Yes. We have experts that work with you and your SCADAOverlay or historian to establish the needs and implement live dashboards.

With some of our standardized reports, we offer fixed prices. It really depends on your data infrastructure.

Accordion Content

SCADA & Central Data

The operational intelligence from your assets is only as good as your ability to access it, readily when you need. And that starts with raw data and systematic storage of it. Whether you choose an off-the-shelf solution or would like to build your own system( or have just a neatly organized folder of well labeled Excel files) we could help bring the right experience to make it a success that saves money. 


Our background is being the consumer of the asset data, therefore we design around ease of use and total cost of ownership.

Quicker access to better data enables faster decisions, whether this means monetizing opportunities or stopping losses.

We work with you and focus on architecting and deploying a system that has the most value impact for your type of operation.

Yes. In fact, that is the primary way we work. We do not sell an SCADA overlay and are able to work with any systems you like. In certain applications we recommend making systems from core components (e.g. databases and web servers), but regularly we help clients deploy their SCADA overlay of choice and get the most value out of it.

Yes. We can make reports about production and the performance of your assets that would be informative to both you and your investors.

EoW and Claims

AP Renewables has helped clients navigate the complicated process of negotiating the end of warranty and the start of new operations contracts with either the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or else an Independent Service Provider (ISP).

For those clients switching to self-operation, our team can help you get the best settlement deal, while providing the insight and know-how to maintain production and proper maintenance regimes as you manage your assets without outside interference.

Our background is being the consumer of the asset data, therefore we design around ease of use and total cost of ownership.

A fitting warranty claim helps your P&L by preventing design defects as well as the manufacturing and construction shortcomings hurt your P&L. 

We help owners translate their statistics, observations and uncertainties into data-driven evidence.

Yes. We conduct walk downs and punch lists. 

We used our experiences doing this to develop specialized audit technology within the SCADAscope family to provide remote quality audits, unprecedented coverage at a much lower price point than traditional walk downs.

Yes. Our high definition data systems allow us to dig deep into the main control software and converter behavior and narrow down root causes.