AP Renewables is a consulting and product development firm based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Actions Beyond Data

More than Data: AP Renewables improves your operations by providing actionable insights for every stakeholder in your renewable energy operation. 

  • Help your team be successful by providing them best tools 
  • Intelligible actions for all stakeholders developed by an industry leading team with more than 30 years of collective experience in the renewable energy industry, including working within major OEMs and global operators

Our Design Philosophy



Uncover overlooked operation and asset performance problems



Distinguish between actionable and non-actionable problems



Identify the true cost of actionable problems



Prioritize most economical solutions



Develop solutions that harness existing field knowledge to create actionable insights using data analytics

Renewable Energy Leaders

What We Offer.

SCADA Scope Ecosystem

Delivering data-driven actions from high-speed wind turbine controller data up to 50 Hz to address the operational concerns of all stakeholders in renewable operations, from investors to field repair technicians, reliability engineers to asset managers.

Lightning Protection 

AP Renewables specializes in custom Lightning Protection Systems for all wind turbines. Our flagship product, the Static + Lightning Protection System, features a unique grounding brush design that resolves the static and lightning discharge problem for Gamesa 2 MW turbines and increases availability by 1.3% on average.

Renewables Operations Consulting

Our team of renewable energy experts add value to your assets and operations by optimizing infrastructure, investigating problem areas, developing performance analytics and designing custom product solutions to maximize production efficiency.

Our Clients

Trusted Worldwide


  • Asset Manager
    You have removed the bottleneck to deliver a new level of cost reductions
    Asset Manager
  • Performance Analytics Engineer
    Your company is a great source of innovation. I believe that this is something that we desperately need on the operations side of things.
    Performance Analytics Engineer

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