About Us

Since AP Renewables was started in 2017, we have been using our ability to collect and analyze high quality data to generate invaluable insights and services for our clients. Since our early days as a consulting company we have observed many recurrent types of problems that operators face, and have systematized the process of solving these problems.

The first of these products was our Lightning Protection System, and the success of this product inspired us to build our SCADAScope platform to solve an even larger set of problems. We have noticed over and over again that many problems that should be easy to solve are made unnecessarily difficult by a lack of well organized quality data. By gathering this data and storing it in a well structured, easily accessible manner, our system provides a perfect starting point for data scientists or our automated systems to begin searching for insights.

On the consulting side of our business, when we discover a solution that works, we aim to generalize, so that this solution can be helpful to a larger number of people. Our core skills are getting good data, data science, reliability solutions, and root cause investigations. Our core skills and deep understanding of wind turbines set up SCADAScope as the ideal platform for us to consistently expand the set of issues we can efficiently solve for our clients. 

Over the past few years we have developed SCADAScope to be a powerful tool for gathering, managing, and analyzing the most useful data your assets can provide. As we continue to develop this platform it is constantly gathering high quality data and generating useful insights for our clients. We're committed to continuously enhancing SCADAScope, harnessing the power of data to bring tangible benefits to your operations. Together, we'll shape its evolution to ensure it always meets the needs of owners, operators, and technicians.