Lightning Protection

SLPS is a Grounding Brush Upgrade Kit to reduce static and lightning exposure in Gamesa models G80, G83, G87, G90, G97 and G114.


An air gap in the OEM Lightning Protection System leaves these turbines open to lightning and static attacks, manifesting as Alarms 410, 426, 2106, 2118, and 700.

Without a continuous path to ground, lightning and static wreak systemic havoc, compromising turbine components and performance as high-voltage spikes arc across the gap.

AP Renewables bridges this gap with an economical, highly durable, consumable part that requires no modification to the existing OEM Lightning Protection System.

The SLPS is proven to increase availability by 1.3% on average in susceptible turbines by making up lost downtime, not to mention the benefits of reduced overall structural and electrical stress by simply grounding the turbine.

Technical Specifications

  • Designed to Exceed US NFPA-780, UV 94 V-0, and IEC 61400-24 Standards
  • 200% Conductive Material Redundancy
  • Phosphor Bronze Internal Spring Core
  • Lubricated with Quaker Quintoplex™
  • Independently Tested to 200kA by ISO 9000 Accredited Third Parties NTS Laboratories, U.S.A., and Polytech Laboratories, Denmark
  • Copper Braid Brush System Requires No Modification to Existing OEM Lightning Protection System
  • Easy Half-Hour Installation May Be Integrated into the Existing Preventive Maintenance Cycle





SLPS Improves Lightning Discharge Performance in Gamesa 2MW Models: G80, G87, G90, G97, G114

Are Nuisance Alarms Hurting Your Production?

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