SCADA Scope Insights

Reports designed for all stakeholders using proprietary fault and failure mode signature detection

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SCADA Scope Insights 10

You collect a lot of data. You know it can help you to improve production and identify hidden problems but you need more than graphs and charts. You need actionable insights.

Convert your existing 10-minute SCADA data into value-adding actions.

SCADA Scope Insights 10 takes your wind speed, power, and other well-known SCADA variables, and generates new actionable insights.

SCADA Scope Insights 50

You can only do so much with 10 min data and the same old variables. A different set of problems reveals itself when you have access to all turbine variables at a 50 Hz sample rate. SCADA Scope Insights 50 gets you that data and gives you value-adding actions to take advantage of the insights: your rotor imbalance and misaligned encoders are now automatically detected.

Maximize your turbine’s data acquisition potential with AP’s SCADA Scope Insights 50 system. Remove the OEM bottleneck: get the data directly from your turbines.

Asset Management Insights

SCADA Scope Insights AM enhances your asset management strategy to extend the return of your Capital Expenditure (CapEx) by giving you the tools you need to de-risk your operations, improve logistics and maintenance regime, reduce long term fatigue of the asset, and gain leverage in OEM claims.

Insights 10

Features / KPI

  • 10 min data
  • Variables OEM lets you see
  • Power Curve Analysis
  • High Impact Analysis
  • Parasitics and Early Warning Alarm Analysis
  • Time Based Availability
  • Energy Based Availability
  • Mean Time to Failure
  • Mean Time to Recovery
  • Alarm Duration vs. Frequency
  • Mw/hr Losses per Event
  • Production Timeline
  • Recommended Actions for your 10 worst performing turbines.
  • Value-Added Engineering Insights.

Insights 50

Feature / KPI

  • 50 Hz data
  • All variables
  • Yaw drift
  • encoder alignment
  • rotor imbalance
  • blade pitch system health
  • transformer temperatures
  • uninterrupted power supply performance
  • and many more OEM specific fault detections
  • reciprocally improve your understanding and use of existing 10 minute data.
  • Recommended Actions for your 10 worst performing turbines.
  • Value-Added Engineering Insights

Asset Management Insights

Feature / KPI

  • Service life trajectory
  • Spare parts rate reduction plan
  • Failure prediction
  • Turbine Health Analysis
  • Health Scores by Component
  • Gain leverage in OEM claims
  • Improve relationship with your investors/underwriters
  • Update wind resource estimates
  • Asset Life Cycle Trajectory
  • Maintenance Logistics
  • Spare Parts Planning and Warehousing
  • Industry Life Cycle Benchmarking
  • Failure Prediction
  • Reduce your liability cap by de-risking your operations


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Diagnostic Tool granting direct read-access to high-speed data from turbine controllers.

SCADA Scope Insights 10

Performance Management reports leveraging your site’s existing 10 minute SCADA data and knowledge base.

SCADA Scope Insights 50 

Performance Management reports using value adding algorithms working with high-speed data from your turbines’ controllers.

SCADA Scope Connect API

API for custom interface with high-speed data and AP Renewables’ proprietary pro algorithms.





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