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RCA and Forensic Engineering

Do you have a recurring operational problem but can’t quite pin it down? Has an unforeseen external contingency occurred at your site? Does it fall under your insurance policy, or OEM service contract? Was it force majeure?

AP Renewables can help you find the answers to your design and operational failures

Hailing from the operations side of some of the biggest OEMs in the Renewables industry, AP Renewables’ team of experts are RCA and Forensic specialists who find the problem, and then come up with the solution.

AP Renewables develops custom hardware and software solutions to correct faulty or deficient OEM equipment, for example, the SLPS for Gamesa 2MW Turbines.

Whether you need support for insurance claims, or negotiating concessions from the OEM, or explaining what happened to NERC officials, AP Renewables can help you first find out what happened and then how to come out on top.


  • Identification of the Proximate and Remote Cause(s) of Problem(s), including full Etiology of Hard and Soft Infrastructures (i.e., everything from Fires and Catastrophic Structural Failures to Recurring Nuisance PLC Alarms (be they phantom or real) and Mechanical Failures)
  • Chronic Reliability Problems Analysis
  • Roadmap to “Wear and Tear” Reductions to Prevent Future Problems
  • System Instrumentation and Real-Life Data Collection
  • Labor, Maintenance, and Repair Procedure and Protocol Audit
  • Catastrophic and Fatal Arc Flash Prevention Planning
  • Custom Product Development to Supplement OEM Hardware and Software

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  • Asset Manager
    You have removed the bottleneck to deliver a new level of cost reductions
    Asset Manager
  • Performance Analytics Engineer
    Your company is a great source of innovation. I believe that this is something that we desperately need on the operations side of things.
    Performance Analytics Engineer

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