Renewables Operations Consulting

Performance Analytics

Whether the assets are OEM-operated, ISP-operated, or Self-operated, the key to success is reliable benchmarking

How well do you know your assets?

AP Renewables applies advanced performance analytics to real-time and historic data to clients find the sources of their losses, including the human, mechanical, and environmental factors. Our team can help you find the best solution by deepening the analysis of the problem.


  • Short-term and Long-term Time-based Availability Studies
  • Identification of “Worst Offender” Major Causes of Loss
  • Third-party Verification of Availability Target Achievement
  • Labor-Cost Breakdown
  • Under-Performing Assets Investigation Reports
  • Pitch and Yaw Misalignment Identification
  • Maintenance and Repair Audits

Our Clients

Trusted Worldwide


  • Asset Manager
    You have removed the bottleneck to deliver a new level of cost reductions
    Asset Manager
  • Performance Analytics Engineer
    Your company is a great source of innovation. I believe that this is something that we desperately need on the operations side of things.
    Performance Analytics Engineer

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