Renewables Operations Consulting

End of Warranty Inspections

The boardroom can feel very big without a steadying hand during the End of Warranty transition period.

End of Warranty Inspections, Claims, Negotiations and Consulting

AP Renewables has helped clients navigate the complicated process of negotiating the end of warranty and the start of new operations contract with either the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or else an Independent Service Provider (ISP).

For those clients switching to self-operation, our team can help you get the best settlement deal, while providing the insight and know-how to maintain production and proper maintenance regimes as you manage your assets without outside interference.


  • OEM and ISP Claim and Settlement Brokering
  • New OEM and ISP Contract Negotiations Support
  • End of Warranty Inspections Management
  • Engineering Assessment and Verification of End of Warranty Inspection Results
  • Asset Risk Ranking and Risk Priority Matrix
  • Verification of OEM Settlement Legacy Schematics, Manuals, Management, and Asset Specs
  • Maintenance Record Verification
  • Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

Our Clients

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  • Asset Manager
    You have removed the bottleneck to deliver a new level of cost reductions
    Asset Manager
  • Performance Analytics Engineer
    Your company is a great source of innovation. I believe that this is something that we desperately need on the operations side of things.
    Performance Analytics Engineer

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